Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Can You Keep a Secret?

Emma Corrigan is returning to London after she has blown her chance at a promotion with Panther Cola, at a disastrous sales meeting. When she is seated on a plane next to an attractive stranger, she spills all her secrets to him when she thinks the plane is going to crash due to turbulence. Emma tells him everything from her desire for promotion, to watering her office mate’s spider plant with orange juice, to her dislike for g-strings. When the plane lands safely and Emma realizes she has just revealed absolutely everything to the attractive stranger she consoles herself with the idea she will never see him again.

Well, if only that had been true…turns out that the attractive stranger is the Panther Cola’s allusive CEO. Maybe he has forgotten the ramblings of a scared stranger…

Sophie Kinsella is a favourite author of mine. I can always count on her for some brain candy. Can You Keep a Secret? is no exception with many moments that made me laugh out loud. I loved Emma’s inner dialogue, her fears, her doubts and her triumphs. The supporting characters created a great cast around Emma; there were characters to cheer for and others to hate. A fun book, I thoroughly enjoyed! 

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