Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Review: Daniel X: A Graphic Novel

Daniel’s parents were murdered when a powerful alien in pursuit of The Book which ranks aliens by their power and abilities mercilessly attacks his family home. Orphaned at the age of three, with mystical powers that he must begin to udnerstand and learn to control Daniel eventually becomes an alien hunter who will seek revenge on the alien who murdered his family. He systematically begins killing the notorious aliens one by one. In this segment, Daniel is hunting Number 7, Ergent Seth. With his band of make believe friends and his supernatural abilities, Daniel faces and attempts to conquer evil.
My first graphic novel ever and I must admit I am a new convert to the graphic novel genre. I was pulled in right away and loved it! I couldn't put it down. Daniel is an alien hunter and for someone who isn’t a huge fan of Science Fiction, the format of a graphic novel works really well because I had some context to help me understand. James Patterson has found an excellent way to engage our reluctant readers.

Review: The Girls

The Girls by Lori Lansens is the story of 29 year-old conjoined twins Rose and Ruby Darlen. As they approach the milestone of being the longest living craniopagus twins (conjoined at the head) Rose decides to begin her autobiography. The story is told mostly by Rose, but Ruby also sporadically writes her point of view on significant events in their lives as well.

The reader finds themselves immersed in the fascinating lives of the conjoined twins living in a small Ontario town with their adoptive parents. The retellings are amusing and at times horrifying.

What I liked about The Girls is how their story was told from each of their perspectives. While Rose was the dominate narrator it was nice to read of Ruby's impressions. The Girls was a novel that truly took me into someone's life that I could never imagine. Ruby and Rose were quirky and endearing characters who will stick with me for a long time.