Sunday, October 26, 2008

Review: Love for Sale

I broke my rule of reading a series in order and jumped into the Grace & Favor Mystery with the fourth novel, Love for Sale. Due to tough financial times brought on by the Depression, Lily and Robert Brewster have turned the home they inherited from their uncle into a Bed and Breakfast. While running the Bed and Breakfast and substitute teaching part-time trying to make ends meet a few mysteries fall upon them.

A stranger comes along and offers a large amount of money to rent a room with an understanding that he and his guests wanted secrecy. Lily and Robert soon find out that their guest is Brother Mark Luke Goodheart and he has been murdered in his bath. Lily and Robert begin to try to figure out what happened to the missing school teacher and who killed Brother Goodheart.

While this was an enjoyable read, I found that the historical setting of the novel and the characters were more interesting than the murder mystery.

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