Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plain Truth

Plain Truth is a story of relationships. Katie Fisher is a young, unmarried Amish girl who is accused of smothering her newborn infant. Ellie Hathaway is a lawyer attempting to take a sabbatical from her career when circumstances bring the two of them together. Ellie begins to represent Katie who not only claims did not smother her infant, but swears she was never pregnant in the first place. To meet the bail stipulation Ellie moves in with the Fisher family. Through the court scenes and the scenes on the Amish farm Ellie and Katie's relationship builds and heals them both in ways that neither thought would ever happen. In true Picoult fashion the story raises many questions as one reads on and tries to find the twist that will inevitably come.

I enjoyed the book, but am beginning to wonder if I have read too many Jodi Picoult books. I love how she shows me all the gray in situations that I judge black or white, but I spend the novel trying to guess the big twist rather than enjoying the characters. Plain Truth gave me a glimpse into the Amish lifestyle in such a way that I gained respect for living Plain.

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