Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review Back on Blossom Street

Lydia Goetz begins the book with starting a new knitting class at her knitting shop, A Good Yarn. As in previous Blossom Street books, the story revolves around the participants of the prayer shawl knitting class. Susannah, from the flower shop next door joins the class with her employee Colette, a widow who is trying to get a way from a messy work situation involving her boss. Alix, from the first book in the series is back, trying to find a way to relax as a very elaborate wedding is being planned for her and her fiance Rev. Jordan Turner.

Debbie Macomber writes stories where the characters are intricately and beautifully woven together with the theme of friendship and knitting. I really enjoy the characters I meet in The Blossom Street Series and I love reading about knitting.

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