Friday, October 10, 2008

Review: J is for Judgment

Kinsey Milhone is hired back by California Fidelity to investigate the alleged suicide of Wendell Jaffe after the $500 000 life insurance policy is paid out to his widow, and his insurance agent spots him at a tropical resort. Off Kinsey jets to track down the elusive Jaffe which leads her right back to Santa Theresa and Jaffe's widow, sons, and lover. Kinsey systematically hunts down Jaffe while facing her own past. J is for Judgment is a good mystery, but more importantly I think it is a book in the series to build up Kinsey's character.

What drew me into J is for Judgment was how Kinsey was dealing with her own past and family. I really liked that Grafton was showing us a vulnerable side of Kinsey while she sorted out just what happened in the past, who to be angry with and whether she would give her family a chance. As usual I am drawn to Kinsey's exceptionally dry sense of humour.

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